Great Palace

You can't enter the Great Palace without completing the other first six. It's bigger and tougher than the others, so be prepared before you attempt it You need to know all of the Spells and have your Powers pumped to the max. Many enemies inhabit the Palace. You can't fight them all. so don't waste your strength when it's not necessary. Just remember running is good. Take to your heels when you can avoid a confrontation Before you're through, you'll see Bots galore, a thundering bird, and a...

Midoro Palace

As you enter, strike the statue at the Palace door. When you do, either a Red Magic Jar or an Ironknuckle will appear. If it's the enemy, quickly run off the screen and return to try again. A very handy tool, the Glove, lies in this Palace. To reach it. Link must dodge falling rocks, which form walls behind him. With the Glove. Link can easily break down certain stone walls to continue his journey towards the helmet-headed Palace guardian.

Winged Boots

Choose your path carefully to avoid the many pitfalls in Three-Eye Rock Palace. The dotted lines on the map below show Pit entrances and exits. To enter Barba's area, drop into the Pit then immediately use Fairy Magic to fly to the right through the narrow opening. Avoid the fireballs Barba throws and attack its head.