The City of Piedup

§jhe city of Piedup was once a quiet and peaceful place. That is, until the diamonds were Ipuad- This rich vein of diamonds,, deep beneath thetiarih. changed Piedup forever. .

A complicated network ol mines, caverns and passage-ways was built beneath the city to allow the miners to'get to the diamonds. The diamonds brought a lot of excitement to the city of Piedup, but they also brought out the worst in many of the 'city dwejlers. They became greedy and evil in their mad scramble for wealth. Some people became very rich, while others lost everything they had and fell into a life o! crime. They would do anything in order to survive.

The city of Piedup itself is made up of hundreds of ramshackle houses, shops and buildings. They were built directly on top oj each other, perched on stilts. Th«s was done as, an early experiment in space conservation!

High atop the city rests the Palace. It was focated there so that the royalty could avoid being exposed tp the diseases of the peasants below but there are several secret passages that connect the Palace to the city (and even to the UnderWorld below}.

Labyrinth 1986 Monster

Actually, the largest part of Piedup is the UnderWorld. This is because at one time, this is where everyone worked. The UnderWorld was divided into three distinct sections,- the Mines.1 the Labyrinth and the Dungeons.

The Labyrinth is the mo$t dangerous area in all of Piedup. It is here that various types of cave monsters have been living off the remains of UnderWorld adventurers.-

I'he Dungeons arc also quite dangerous because cave monsters live here as well. It is somewhere in this dark maze however, that a secret passage leads all the way up to the King's Throne Room. There are several doors, but only one leads to the underground passage that takes you directly up to the Throne Room Just a word of warning: even if you do locate the correct door, you will not be able to enter ffie passage unless you hold the Four Gems.

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