Overhead Map Screen

if vou are in front of the building, after leaving eddie's office and vou move toward the bottom of the screen vou will find roger and eddie on the overhead

Map Screen. Now vou are able to walk down the road, explore other buildings or search the wooded area. the problem is that those peskv

Weasels are going to be chasing vou everywhere vou go. ^

One wav to outrun them is to catch a ride with bennv. what's that, vou don't see bennv around? well if vou're holding the whistle, push the "b" BUTTON and vou can call him. but it onlv works when eddie is standing in the road. if vou haven't found the whistle vet, vou'll just have to walk around and look for him. Once Bennv is found, run over to him and push the SELECT button. this will place eddie and roger in the front seat. the CONTROL pad will turn bennv left and right, while the "a" BUTTON is the gas pedal and the "B" BUTTON is the brake. bennv can't leave the road, so exploring the woods and caves in the park must be done on foot. however driving bennv is the onlv wav to go thru the tunnels leading into another section.



control pad go right go left go up or go thru 0006 gooown b button calls benny when nouhmg whistle

"k button poes kothing cm this scree*


select climbs into benny control pad tiƤns right turns left upooes n0thin6 oowndocs nothing


In the Overhead Map Screen vou weren't quick enough in outmaneuvering the Weasels, thev grabbed Roger and vou find vourself back in the Close-up Side View. The big dumb weasel named "Stupid" is about to smash vour buddv with a baseball bat. Just before he swings, Roger asks a question which is the opening to a joke. if v0u can come up with the correct punchline in nine "TOON" seconds, the weasels will laugh hard enough which causes them to release

Roger, giving him time to escape.

At the top of the screen vou will see a row of small squares. These are the punchlines that vou have to choose from. Hold the SELECT kev while pressing the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to page thru the list. When vou think vou have the right answer, press the "a" or "B" BUTTON. If vou guess wrong or run out of time, Roger gets hit and vou lose one of vour "clap boards". lose them all and the game is over. it's not too hard when vou onlv have a few punchlines, but it gets a lot tougher when the whole row is full. bv the wav, eddie can acciden-

tallv get a new punchline when he searches the wrong place. SO be careful.

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