Register the Names of Players

■ Insert the cassette into the Nintendo control deck. The Title Screen (see Picture A) will appear. Push the Start Button, the Name Selection Screen (see Picture B) will appear. When you play the game tor the first time, set the cursor to "Register" by pushing Button + Then push Button A. The Name Registration Screen (see Picture C) appears.

H Choose letters using Button + Then push Button A to input letters. When you want to correct letters, set the cursor to " Back Space" (BS) and push Button A. This will allow you to erase the letters one by one. The name you input should consist of up to five letters. When you finish inputting your name set the cursor at "End" and push Button A. The Name Selection Screen 0_ appears again.

If you v/ant to erase the name you registered, push Button + on the Name Selection Screen, and choose "Erase". Then push Button A. When you set the cursor at the name you want to erase and push Button A. the computer asks if you are sure of this action. Set the cursor at "Yes" by using Button + and push Button A. Now the name is erased and all the data on that character is deleted. (See Picture D). When you have finished registering names, set the cursor at the name you registered, and push Button A. The screen changes to the Create/Continue Screen (see Picture E).

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