Take Your Mark! You're in for ttie workout of your life. Eight grueling events await you. In order:

You can play against another player or against the computer. You can choose novice or expert levels. You can even choose which event comes first. (The others follow in order.)

But to proceed, you have to make the qualifying time, or distance, or score, in every event. Otherwise, it's all over.

Get Set! Track & Field can be played by one or two players. If there are two players, play alternates from one to the other.

A single player can use either Control 11) or Control |2J. When two players are competing, both Controls must be used.

Before play begins, use the SELECT button to choose I - or 2-pUiyer novice level {1P A or 2P A) or expert level (1P B or 2P B). Then press the START button, and when the game selection screen appears, use the SELECT button to choose your first event. Now you're ready to play.

I) 100-Meter Dash 2 J Long Jump

3) J 10-Meter'Hurdles

4) Javelin Throw

5) Skeet Shooting 6J Triple Jump

7) Archery

8) High Jump

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