Help Wanted Waiters

The Stooges have been waiting for a job like this—serving pie to the Upper Crust. When the wealthy ladies and gentlemen complain about the slow service, they soon find themselves— well, eating their words, so to speak. They don't just sit there, though. They can throw a mean pie, too.

It's a classic Stooges pie fight!

But the Stooges can still make a buck—

• If the Stooges throw all their pies before getting hit five times, they double their money.

To throw a pic. choose your Stooge with the directional arrows and press the A button.

To make Moe duek. press the up arrow.

To make Curly duck, press the right or left arrows

To make Larry duck, press the down arrow.

Hint: Throw as many pies as possible, as quickly as possible.




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