Operation of the Control

Pressing any button during the demo screen action will cause the title screen to appear. Pressing the start button will cause the Main Menu screen to appear. Move the + Control Pad up and down to make your choices from among the four main menus: preseason game, regular season game, pro bowl, and team data. For details concerning the menus, refer to the corresponding sections which follow.

® Making menu and ♦ Main Menu Scieen data choices

Select fc*ion J ^ Start fttflon (ox used)

+ Control Pad

Used to move the ">" mark when choosing items.

® button

Used to make your choices.

® button

Used to cancel your choices.

® Window Controls

Choosing items

+ Control Pad

Entering your choice

<£> button

Canceling a selection or returning to the previous screen

<$> button

looking at the player's data for the offensive starters

Start button

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