What Taboo Can or Cannot Do

TABOO cannot predict a fixed and fated future, it can predict a series of events that may come to pass, if all the events and situations within the reading continue on their path undisturbed and unhindered.

It will predict the answer to your question at the moment of the asking, if you strive to overt the fated future, then the future as told may not come to pass. TABOO does not so much try to predict but ratlier tries to assess tl>e quality of the feeling at the moment of the asking and predict the probable outcome.

Each moment lias particular qualities attached to it and each moment has a past, a present and a future. The past has lead up to this point, the future will follow this point and will be based upon wliat lias previously happened. Our future is dictated by the past conditions and with the experience gained from the past we select our futures.

The TABOO system in essence emulates this moment and presents the past, present and future as a series of images.

The future as revealed by the TABOO reading tends by experience to represent 3 period of approximately six months, thus the cards present the future not in a fated concrete way. but as a way to illustrate opportunities, motives and hidden influences, some of which can fail to materialize due to changing circumstances.

TABOO presents events as they may be or causes us to search our usually hidden subconsciousness, where stark disturbing images of our future is revealed.

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