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Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection television with your NES as image retention on the screen may occur.

It's dark. It's dangerous. It's deadly.

And you and your party are about to go down there.

It's the haunted maze of the terrible Serpent. The very one that's brought terror to the countryside for hundreds of years. The one who makes the crops go bad, the milk turn sour and the earth heave with foul indignation.

The four of you are an unlikely band. You barely know each other—yet. Each of you have your reasons for braving the many horrors of the labyrinth.

There's Ajax. The powerful Warrior from the frosty North. The Serpent has brought ruin to his people.

Swords And Serpents

There's logo. A strange Wizard from the Swamp Lands. The Serpent torments his dreams.

There's Mask. A Thief from the city. He claims that a lust for treasure is his sole reason for joining the quest.

Finally, there's Erin. A female Mystic from the Realm of Shadows. Her motivation? None can say...

Together you four will come to know the twisted maze that is the Serpent's home. You'll fend off throngs of monsters, demons and other perfectly vile creatures. And you'll decipher ways to evade their cunning traps and black magic curses.

You will learn to use the mysterious ZOOM TUBES to speed quickly from level to level. And you'll stumble on magic spells and mystic weapons.

Swords And Serpents

Most importantly, you'll search for the powerful ruby artifacts scattered throughout. These were the trappings of the legendary Ruby Warrior— and not until they are retrieved can the Serpent be challenged.

your p°rtYis w'se' y°u will listen to the council of the aging Hermit, who appears without warning to offer advice and clues.

As cold winds howl through the tunnels of the maze, creatures crouch in anticipation.

The door is open. The Dungeon beckons. And the time to enter is now...

1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.

2. Insert the Swords & Serpents "

cartridge as described in your Nintendo Entertainment System* instruction manual.

3. Turn the power switch ON.

You will first see the Swords & Serpents title screen. Press any button to advance to the credits screen. Then press any button again to begin.

Number of Players Your first option will be to select the number of players—you may play with either 1.2 or 4 players.

Move the arrow beneath the desired number of players by pressing the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS on the CONTROL PAD. Then press BUTTON A to make your selection.

"l-player games In 1-player games, you control all four characters on the auest. You can direct each character individually. Or direct them as a group. You can allow characters to trade weapons and other items. In short, all four characters are at your command.

if you selected 1 pia you will advance to the next series of options.

In 2-player games, one character is designated as the leader. The person "playing" that character will lead the others through the dungeon. However, each player controls his own character(s) in combat, in casting spells and in inventory management.

So the leader can't get into the inventory screens of other players. He can't force others to boy. sell or trade items. Nor can he force a character to fight if that character chooses to run during combat.

The leader will control the first and third characters in the party (see Join the Party, page 16). The second player will control the second and fourth characters of the party.

If you selected 2 players: you will then be asked to determine which character will lead the party the first or second. Make this decision by moving the arrow and pressing BUTTON A.

To play a 4-player game, you must own the NES* Satelliteor other NES* licensed 4-player Adapter.

You will first designate a leader to direct the party of four through the dungeon. But during combat, each player is on his own.

New Came or Old?

Just as it is in the 2-player version, players cannot manipulate each other's inventories. Nor can they force a player to hang around if he wants to run. When in combat and in shops, each player controls his own character.

If you selected 4 players you will again be asked to designate a leader. Press BUTTON A to do so. In the four player game, each player controls his own character except when moving through the dungeon. The leader will control the movements of the entire party throughout the dungeon.

After you've established the number of players, you'll be asked if you want to play a new game or not.

If you select BEGIN A NEW GAME: you will now proceed to the character selection screen.

Saving Games

If you select RESTORE AN OLD GAME: you must have previously saved a game. If you have done so, enter the five codes as they are requested.

Since the dungeon is so large, you will not be able to finish the game in one sitting. But you also don't want to give up all the time it's taken you to accumulate items and Experience Levels. That's why Sworc/s and Serpents allows you to save games.

You will be given a special code lor eoch character. This one Is for Mask for thlt game up to tttlt point. Be sure to copy each code correctly.

To so. <•> o gat press the START BUTTON at any time during exploration mode. (When you're not fighting or making menu choices). Select the SAVE GAME option. You will then be given five codes—one for each character and one for the overall game. Write each one down. Double check your notes with the code on the screen. It only takes one wrong letter or number to be denied access to a saved game! And keep the paper you wrote the code on in a safe place.

What doesn't get saved:

What gets saved:

Inventory Experience Levels Spells Spell Points Life Energy Gold [Treasury) Character Attributes Puzzles you Solved

Automatic Maps Experience Points

Important Game Saving Note: When you save a game, no matter what level you are on, you will always return to a Temple (Level 1,5 or 10).

Level You're On When Saving Game

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