Armor also has ratings—it has an ARMOR CLASS or AC. (See The Character Status Display, page 13.) Armor class ratings range from 1 to 6.

The higher the armor class, the harder it is for the wearer to be injured by a monster.

Here are some of the types of armor you may find yourself wearing:


Leather Shield

Scale Mirror Shield

Mage Cloak Ruby Shield

Other Items In addition to the weapons and armor you find on your inventory lists, you'll also find other items that can be used when you're not in combat.

These items are frequently used by Magicians to perform magic. Or to assist the party through a predicament—like a key that opens a locked door.

If you feel an item might help you at any point in the maze, select the "USE" option from the character's inventory list. If you are outside a locked door, you might try using that key you've been carrying around with you.

Remember: Many brave adventurers have gone before you, including the legendary Ruby Warrior. Some of the evil inhabitants of the dungeon have token jewels, weapons, and armor from these noble martyrs. With luck.

you may recover some of these valuables when you defeat the monsters who are carrying them. Acquiring items in this manner allows you to save your gold to purchase really special items.

and Shops

At the Temples, priests are available to heal your party and replenish your spell points. "Defeated" characters can also be resurrected here.

There are various shops scattered throughout this massive dungeon. They are called Armories. Here you can purchase all sorts of things -from swords to armor.

But you must first have enough money to make the purchases. And secondly, you must have room to carry them.

You can also sell items at the Armory. But be mindful. You will only get half of what they are worth.

The shops ond Temples are located on the first level and hidden throughout the dungeon. If all your characters are defeated in combat, you will find yourself back in a Temple, restored to life with all your weapons ond armor, but without your gold.

Here you have the opportunity to buy a DAGGER lor 10 gold pieces, ond you have a total ol 96.

To buy or sell an item, walk up to an Armory. You will be asked if you would like to stop in Any player may press the A BUTTON at this time to proceed to the Armory. At this point, in a 1- or 2-player game, you will be asked to select a character. Do so by pressing BUTTON A

Then you will be asked if you wish to "BUY" or "SELL."

if you oh "BUY,"you will see the type of screen on the left.

You sold your Hem lor 25 /OU ChOOSC "SELL yOU Will See the

KSSSTh5S7c£ifa type Of screen on the left.

give you half of what they would sell It to you for. In the future, maybe you'd be better off making a trade.

Over the years, wise old Wizards have seen other Warriors, Magicians and Thieves enter the confines of these dungeons. And from watching battles closely (but from afar), they have arrived at some fairly foolproof words of wisdom.

You are most fortunate in that they allowed us to print them here:

Your first goal should be to get better arms and armor, while increasing your Experience Levels.

It gets harder to go up an Experience Level as your characters get stronger, so you will have to go deeper into the dungeon, as the monsters on lower levels give you more experience points if you vanquish them.

If faced by too strong a foe, don't be afraid to run. Discretion is the better part of valor.

If you find yourself low on health or spell points, don't hesitate to head for a Temple, before it's too late.

Magician: Heal Thyself.

" Once you make it to level five, you can use the shop and Temple there as a base for deeper exploration.

Try to explore a level completely. By looking at the map display, you can get an idea of where secret doors and rooms may be.

If you're totally stuck and 100% sure that there's absolutely no way out, select LAST RESORT from the ATTRIBUTES/INVENTORIES menu.

For centuries, no one has ever successfully challenged the Serpent of the Dungeon. Or if they hove, they haven't lived to tell about it.

But your party may be the one to make it. You have the iron strength of a great Warrior. The cunning agility of a Thief. And the great magical powers of o Wizard and a Mystic.

His hope is that you won't find all the pieces left by the Ruby Warrior. His hope is that without the collective power of those artifacts, you'll be trapped in his confines forever.

But you have hopes of your own. Stronger hopes. Grander hopes. Purer hopes.

So go forth. Gather your strength. Feel your collective power. Because deep beneath the tangled, treacherous layers of the dungeon, the Serpent lies waiting.

For all of you.

3 Jtlapping Y°ur quest \

On the next page is a map for Level 1. It consists of a 16 x 16 grid. To assist you in your quest, we have already indicated where the Walls, Doors, and Armory are located. However, you must search the entire Level to find other clues and hidden items, such as the Temple and Staircase leading to Level 2.

Make sure you indicate locked and secret doors and special items, but remember, the location of monsters may vary. We suggest you use a pencil for mapping.

In addition to the key we have provided you with, you may want to make up your own symbols. Use the "Notes" section to record this and other information.

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