Flaying he Game

Your job is jo move Harry through the mazes, find the Raj diamond, Rhonda, and Quiekelaw, and then return to the starting point without getting bumped off by the life-threatening creatures or hazards that await our hero. To win points and special congratulations, make sure that Harry also gathers as many gold bars as possible along the way.

Harry's journey is not easy. At times his pistol seems useless against the endless hordes of creatures that come after him. If he manages to reach Rhonda, he'll discover that the poor girl has been turned to stone and that the only antidote to this horrible condition is a flask of medicine, located somewhere it» the cave. And, if this weren't enough, before he can rescue the faithful Quiekelaw, Harry will need to uncover a hidden key.

Even returning to the starting point is no easy task. To do so, Harry must find a photograph of the Underground Kingdom, which contains the only clue to getting back - the location of a launching site from which he can jump back to the beginning. Only then will you win the game.

Fortunately, Harry is basically an optimist and, more importantly, a pretty agile fellow. He can walk along rocks and ledges, climb up and down ladders, jump over pit falls or from rock ledge to rock ledge, swim through subterranean lakes, and swing from rope to rope.

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