Names Of The Standard Controller Parts And Operating Instructions

(ft button <D button

0 Control Pad

¿ELECT button

SELECT button Use this button to select the event. If the screen is in registration mode, the selected letters will be entered. If you press this button after the game is over, the screen will show the award presentation. If you pross it again, the scrcen will move to another game.

START button Press this button to begin the game.

"CjControl Pad Use this pad to enter individual information.

(A) button Use this button to move the blinking cursor to the right on the screen.

(B) button Use this button to move the blinking cursor to the left on the screen.

PAUSE The START button functions as a PAUSE button at certain times. If you press the START button when the screen is in award presentation mode for the 100M Dash, the Long Jump, the 110M Hurdle and the Triple Jump, or when the screen is in the individual score mode or award presentation for the Olympics, the screen will freeze.

Input of the number of players

Blank Mark

Arrow Cursor

Blank Mark


Blinking Cursor

Input of _

Rayers' Names

Input of the number of players

Arrow Cursor

•This screen won't appear in the tournament mode.

• Choose one of the events listed on the screen by pressing the SELECT button. Then press the START button.

• Chooso the number of pl3yers using the control pad Then press the SELECT button.

• Press the START button. You will 9ee name entry Wanks for the number of players you have selected. iThe maximum is 6 players.I

• The writing position blinking Cursor) can be moved to the right or left using the (A) button and the (B) button.

• The letter scloction mark (Arrow Cursoi) can be moved using the <0" control pad.

• Pressing the SELECT button wilt put the selected letter in the writing position. If you make a mistake when entering a letter you can correct the entry. To do this, bring the Blinking Cursor to where the error is by using the (£) or (B) button, then correct the mistake.

• After entering each name, move the Blinking Cursor to the next lme us»ng the (a) button.

• After alt the names have been entered, press the START button to compete.

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