The Story Of Strider Hiryu

"Stnder" is the strongest secret maneuvers group in the world. It specializes in smuggling, kidnapping, demolitions, disruption, etc. One strider of C-grade is equivalent to one well-trained team of the special corps.

Hiryu was the youngest strider of Super-A grade. After eliminating the sister of a mad A-grade Strider. he decided to retire and was spending his life peacefully in Mongolia.

One day the Vice-Director of Strider, Matic, showed up. Apparently, Hiryu's friend Kain had been caught by the enemy. Matic ordered Hiryu to destroy his friend Kain and threatened to start slaughtering the Mongolians if Hiryu refused.

Hiryu dad no choice but to return. After rescuing Kain. he discovered the fearful plan conceived by the Striders and an organization called "Enterprise", an evil project called "ZAJN"

Hiryu decided to destroy the ZAIN mind-control weapon along with Enterprise and the Striders. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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