The Blue Dragon Console

The Blue Dragon console is the headquarters for Hiryu. From here you may transfer to different places in the world, analyze message disks, and check passwords. Use the control pad to set the cursor to TRANSFER, ANALYZE, or PASSWORD. Press the A button to select the option.

After selecting TRANSFER and you may use the control pad to select the location you would like to go to and press the A button to transfer. The number of places available to you will increase as you collect information by analyzing message disks.

To analyze a disk, you must first find it. When you find a disk, you must return to the Blue Dragon console and select ANALYZE. If you h^ve more than one disk, use the control pad to select the disk you wish to analyze, then press the A button. Press the A button as each page is displayed. Often you will get information about places you need to go to complete your mission.

Select PASSWORD to check on the current password. For more information, see the Passwords section of the manual.

The controls for Strider are simple but become a little more complex as Hiryu acquires more abilities.

The A button makes Hiryu jump.

The B button makes Hiryu hit.

The START button will pause the game.

Pushing RIGHT or LEFT on the controller moves Hiryu right or left. This worfcs even when he is jumping or falling. Remember thlsf It is an important feature.

When UP is pushed, Hiryu will put his Cipher in the air. This may be used for stabbing enemies that are overhead. Later on Hiryu will acquire the Plasma Arrow ability. To use this, hold the controller UP for 3-5 seconds and then press the hit (B) button to fire a plasma arrow. Hiryu does not have this ability at the beginning of the game.

Pressing DOWN will cause Hiryu to crouch. This is useful for avoiding flying enemies or enemy bullets. Later on Hiryu will learn how to slide. To do this, hold DOWN along with either LEFT or RIGHT and press the Jump (A) button. This is useful for sliding underenemies as theyjump. Hiryudoesnot have this ability at the beginning of the game.

The SELECT button is used for seeing the Status Screen and selecting tricks. Initially, Hiryu has no tricks, but as he acquires them, he can select a trick with the control pad. Press the A button to select the tnck. Press the SELECT button to ignore the changes.

You can return to the Blue Dragon console byjumping in the left edge of the beginning screen of each stage.


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