The Empire Your Enemies

Game Credits: Designed and Developed by Lucasfilm Games. Programming by BEAM Software Ptv. Ltd.

With your Nintendo Entertainment System turned off. insert the STAR WARS Game Pak and then turn on your Control Deck. Press START and the opening sequence of the lifepod escaping to the Tatooine Desert with C-3PO and R2-D2 aboard will begin. If you would like to skip the opening and begin play, press START again.

Number of Players: STAR WARS is a one player game. However, you and two friends can take turns playing as Luke. Han. or Princess Leia (after you find them).

Game Over: The game is over whenever you lose all of your Luke Skvwalker lives or when the Millennium Falcon or X-wing is destroyed.

Continue Yes: The game starts again from the beginning of the level that you were in.

You keep all of your characters, items from previous levels, and score. Luke restarts with three lives.

Continue No: The game will end and the title screen will appear.

There are a limited number of continues available. When all of your continues have been used, the GAME OVER screen will appear the next time you run out of lives.

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