Millennium Falcon Gunner

•Press the CONTROL PAD to move the targeting cursor around the screen.

Pauses game. Press again to continue.

No action. Fires Millennium Falcon lasers.

Fleeing the Death Star aboard the Millennium Falcon, you'll fight wave after wave of enemy Tin fighters seeking to block your escape to the Rebel Base at Yavin.

From the Rebel Base your first assignment as a member of the Alliance is to join the attack on the F.mpire's Death Star. You've been assigned to pilot an X-wing fighter. R2-D2 will regenerate a limited number of shields — if he's with you.

The assault on the Empire has begun. Run the gauntlet of Empire defenders aboard your rebel X-wing. With R2-D2 you'll find your chances of success arc significantly improved.

♦ Press the CONTROL PAO • Pauses game, to move the targeting Press again cursor around the screen. to continue. Keep pushing the CONTROL PAO to pilot the ship in the direction the targeting cursor is moving.

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