The print and backup

Advance toward the Gate and eliminate Octots if they get too close. When you hit the Tile in the middle, a Footprint will appear with no visible Switch. Move back to the right, though, and you'll find the Switch. Hit it and move on.

Back-up to reach the Switch and you'll eliminate the Gate.

swing and connect

Its hard to line up the Yo-yo with the Spinistar. Use the Bat to wipe it out.

Knock some sense into the Noctos in the room with a few well placed swings.

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This mighty blowfish Is always out of reacfi.Mwe quickly when you see it and avoid the fireballs.


the unpredictable movement of the sinister Spinistar nates it difficult to get around. Watch out for this one!


This slimy hetag takes a cue from its ancestors and crawls out from the water to havoc.


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