Message in a bottle

After you talk to the Lighthouse Keeper's wife and find a passage to the east beach, you'll recover a bottle with a message from Dr. J. The message includes a code for the Sub-C.

. Get the Submergible System access code from a bottle on '■ ¿i .k ss,* flfiriffi; tf®8l the beach.

The StiHTs SubmetgMe System allows you to dive in one place and end up somewhere else. Go below!


The maze-like Lighthouse Island has hidden passages both above land and below. You'll have to explore carefully to find a way to Octo's underground lair. Talk to the residents for clues.

Look for bubbles while searching far Push against land barriers to see if underwater passages. you can go through.

Talk to the keeper of the Ught-house for clues about island exploring.

A good explorer tries everything. If you push up against barriers, you might discover a way to get to remote areas of the island.

The Ughthouse Keeper's wife will tell you about a bottle that she saw on the east. beach. This could be a clue.

The Lighthouse Keeper knows a lot about the island, but he's not very talkative. When you speak to him twice, he will reward your persistence by telling you an island secret.


You'll find the wife of the Lighthouse Keeper in their home near the south beach. Talk to her for clues about a hidden passage on land.

There are hidden passages in the island waters. Test the walls by hitting them with the Sub-C.

Nintendo Power Startropics


This mighty blowfish Is always out of reacfi.Mwe quickly when you see it and avoid the fireballs.

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