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FLOOR PLAN MAPS: By pressing the "B" BUTTON 5 TIMES, you can access the embassy's floor plan. By reviewing the map you can learn your location and that of the other spy in the building as well as the locations of required objects and booby-traps. There is but one except»on and that is that locations of TIME BOMBS are not indicated on the map.

The only way to tell where a TIME BOMB is located is to watch the spies' faces. If a spy enters a room booby-trapped with a TIME 80MB. his face will turn BLUE. If that spy does not exit that room in 2 seconds...he will be blown to smithereens!

In the map mode, a "room" with a small YELLOW square in the center has a booby-trap set m it. A "room" with a small BLUE square or BLUE circle in the center has at least one of the required objects hidden in it. (MORE THAN ONE OBJECT CAN BE HIDDEN IN A ROOM). By monitoring the blue SQUARES vs blue CIRCLES will help you keep track of objects that have been moved from room to room. The large WHITE or BLACK squares indicate the locations of the WHITE and BLACK spies.

To cancel the map and return to the game's action, press the "B" BUTTON a 6th TIME. Remember, the other spy can go about his business while you are looking at your map!

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