How to use the techniques

¿ Direction Key

• Use to select "TRAINING": "VS COM" or "VS PLAYER" before starting game Use the UP/DOWN commands.

• Use to select the difficulty level (1 to 8)

Use the LEFT/RIGHT commands.

• Use to position your spy in the rooms. Use the UP/DOWN commands to go to the BACK / FRONT of a room.

• Use the LEFT/RIGHT to move left or right in the room.

• Use to go up or down a ladder between floors. (Only after the "A" button has been used to lower the ladder.)

Select Button

Use to exit the title screen.

Use to select "TRAINING": "VS COM" or "VS PLAYER". (Can be used instead of the Directional key)

8 Button

• Use to select BOOBY-TRAPS (There are 4 types, see instructions for "Setting Booby-Traps")

* 2nd - Giant Spring

* 3rd - Water Bucket

• Use to select and view the EMBASSY MAP

* 6th press - Game Screen

• Press during game play to PAUSE the game. (This is good to use when studying the map)

• Press again to restart game.

* This is the ACTION button. Use it to:

* OPEN/CLOSE doors

* PLACE and SET traps


* COLLECTING/PLACING items by moving furniture or pictures

* COLLECT a REMEDY to protect yourself from setting off a BOBBY TRAP

* RAISE/LOWER ladder

* OPEN/CLOSE trap door

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