Game Options

After the SPY vs SPY* title screen appears you can either watch the self-playing demonstration game or select the Game Option screen. If you do not want to watch the demo, press the START BUTTON on the PLAYER 1 Controller to see the option screen From the Game Option screen you can select:

• TRAINING (This is a simplified version of the game. In the TRAINING mode, a spy needs only to collect the briefcase and a single item. i.e. money or key, etc.)

• VS COM (This option permits a user to play against the computer controlled spy)

• VS PLAYER (This is the two player option in which users play against each other. The WHITE SPY uses CONTROLLER #1: BLACK SPY uses CONTROLLER «2)

• LEVEL (Using PLAYER 1's controller, any of the 8 game levels can be selected. The levels progress in Ofder of difficulty. The higher the level, the greater the number of rooms in the embassy Also, as the levels progress, a second floor is added to the building and sometimes parts of the first floor can only be reached by traveling on the second floor. The amount of time for each game is different on each level.)

(See notes regarding GAME LEVELS and SPY RANKING)

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