How To Play

There are two Soccer games available: a 1 Player Game where the computer is your opponent, and a 2 Player Game where two players play against each other. * Note that some rules differ than those of the real game.

Left display

• The player indicated with the controller number is controlled.

• See section on "Names of Controller Parts and Operating Instructions", to learn about dribbling, goal shots, passing and goalkeeper operations.

• In the case of a tie, there is a penalty kick session.

• In Nintendo Entertainment System Soccer, shots are valid even if time runs out (TIME OUT) while they are in mid-flight.

• There is a 3-minute warning before time runs out.

Left display

Center display

• Throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks or indirect free kicks are played automatically if the ball is held for longer than 8 seconds.

• Goals are not changed at half time.

Right display

Right display

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