[A button[B button

This button is used for shooting. This button is used for passing.

Move the shot marker with the O con- Designate the player to receive the trol pad, and press the A button. pass with the <£> control pad, and press the B button.

Control will be transferred to the player who receives the pass.


[ Control Pad] (1) Moving players

The controller number is indicated on top of the player who can be controlled.

— Player moves to the right.

(2) Moving the goalkeeper

The goalkeeper is moved in the same way as described in (1); however, he can only be moved within the penalty area {see page 10). [A button] Not used. [B button] Not used.

This button is used to transfer control to a team member near the ball.

Note: Do not confuse controller operations for offense and defense. Don't forget, offense and defense will switch back and forth as the game goes on.

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