How To Play A Player Game

On the title screen, press the SELECT Button to choose the 2 PLAYER option. Then press the START Button. Game play is basically the same as in the 1 PLAYER mode, except both players are simultaneously on the screen. Remember, the first one to exit the level gets 5000 bonus points Here are the members of the Nibbley Pibbley family and the levels in which they begin to appear. Level 1 Pibballs Level 5 Pibblebats Level 2 Pibbleboings Level 8 Pibblefish Level 3 Pibblejoggers Level 9 Pibblecopters...

Point Values

5000 200 points for each tongue hit Beach Ball Snow Ball Meteorite indestructible Collecting any object 1000 points tongue extension extra life clock diamond speed up reverse fishtail Other snake's color 100 points Your snake's color 200 points Yellow - 300 points In Bonus levels the player that eats the last Nibbley Pibbley gets 5000 points.