Sophisticated weapons and vital power-ups are available in every room, in all rounds of the contest. Your basic weapon, the machine gun, along with the mobile forcefield that is briefly provided with every new life, will effectively obliterate your lesser opponents. Final victory in any round, however, demands that you use everything you can pickup1 When the symbol for a weapon or power-up appears, it can easily be picked up by moving over it. Only one weapon typ can be used at a time, but...

Cash bonanza

Check the maps near the start of each round to find where they're located. Pause and make a copy if necessary, you can never tell when know-ins where you are could come in handy. On the other hand, key rooms also need a key to enter don't they Below are listed the point values for ail pick-ups and the game. j j j j j j j o j j j y j' j j j j j j j o j jjjjjjjj j j j j j j j j