How To Start Your Slalom

To begin your pre-slope prep, press the Start Button when the title screen appears. Once inside Rodney's ski shop, you can decide to either SIGN IN, GO PRACTICE, GO COMPETE or just check out the high scores. To select your option, use the Control Pad to move the "Ski or Die" cursor to one of the four categories, then press the A Button to lock in your decision.

If you just want to ski and sightsee, select GO PRACTICE. Players can take turns practicing any event they choose. When you're done practicing an event, hit the Select Button. When the screen changes use the Control Pad to choose "Yes" or "No:' "Yes" returns you to the same event.

"No" allows you to select another event. Press the A Button to lock in your decision. If you're done with all your practicing, ski back into the ski shop. If you plan on competing, you must register first (see p. 6 for details) and then select GO COMPETE before swooshing to victory—or the agony of defeat. In the COMPETE Mode players go in the order they are registered.

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