Its All Downhill From Here

At the beginning of the Downhfl Race you're posed at the tip top of the tallest hill in Bou.'derdash Part:- The park keeper. Ranger Rick Jr.. ts slacking off on his dufces and is at the doughnut shop stuffing his face with cream filled Long Johns.

That means the place Is wide open for you to go all-out and really concentrate on getting the best from your board.

This race is a test of speed and timing, as you jump ramps, duck through pipes and wtiip around flags. Naturally, the more obstacles you clear, the more points you score. Your overai time ?Jso determines your total score.

Before starting, choose either REGULAR FOOT or GOOFY FOOT by using the Control Pad to fcne up the cursor, and then press tie A Button (see page 7 for directions on how to operate both).

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