Potential Capacities Of Rygar

in some cases, he is given a capsule for an increase in spiritual strength if he kills a monster. His spiritual strength is displayed on a sub-screen {mind-strength meter). There are two kinds of capsules. The capsule on the right hand will increase his spiritual strength by one unit and the capsule on the left hand by three units. Up to seven units can be added to his spiritual strength. First, display a sub-screen. Then, move-^through the vertical movement of the ♦ button and use the(A)button for decision-making. This operation consumes a certain amount of spiritual strength and causes his potential capacities to be available.

1 Power-up (Mind strength #3 used):

Allows the grappling hook weapon to bo stretched. (To be used only once)

2 Attack & assail (Mind strength #5 used):

Pressing the® button does damage to all the displayed enemies. (Can be used ten times)

3 Recover of physical strength (Mind strength #7 used):

His physical strength will be recovered when the physical-strength meter indicates the maximum value allowed.

Rygar Deathpigor

T Rolpher

It livxt ¡1 ttw IJrOuild Sensing someone ap proaching, it comes out Bll<l 4U0Ck* him by rotating itself.

It i> a liymg dragon rthich has been living :n » primeval mountain. Ha »■.ill attack bv dropping eggs ot a iivaiv ylOlM ,

It boildt S nfet in a dim or On a high place. Once it finds Ryaar. >t Mill eKnit him tenaciouily

4 Deathpigor

It lives in the tower of G^«ba and two It attaci-s Rygar by blovv-■n4domonir.fi«>.

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