Look For Indoras Fighting Gods

In Argool, five fighting gods called Indora are imprisoned. Make every effort to find them. You can make Rygar more powerful by receiving the five sacred treasures from them. The five sacred treasures of Indora's Pressing the button allows Rygar to walk a rope stretched between two wooden stakes if he gets a wind pully. The knack of suspending a wind pulley from a rope successfully is to approach near the rope and move vertically. lt HINT gt Near the waist of RYGAR

Geographical Features Of A Holy Place Argool

Argool is connected with many places through gates, with the Garloz valley as the center. You can get the following items from each region. Eruga Wind pulley The palace of Dorago Indora's suit Den of Sagila____Crossbow of armour Lapis Coat of arms The tower of Garba Flute of Pegasus

Potential Capacities Of Rygar

Rygar Deathpigor

In some cases, he is given a capsule for an increase in spiritual strength if he kills a monster. His spiritual strength is displayed on a sub-screen mind-strength meter . There are two kinds of capsules. The capsule on the right hand will increase his spiritual strength by one unit and the capsule on the left hand by three units. Up to seven units can be added to his spiritual strength. First, display a sub-screen. Then, move- through the vertical movement of the button and use the A button...