The Objective

Your objective is to prevent the Leutonians from conquering the world and rescue Or. Barnstorff and his daughter. To do this, you must steal the five parts necessary to bu:ld a racket and sufficient Lunanum fuel to take you to the alien moon. The Leutonians have established five secret rocket labs somewhere in the world. You must locate these labs and steal one part from each lab. In addition, the Leutomans are importing Lunarium from their lunar base to build bombs. You must find where these Lunarium shipments are arriving and steal the necessary fuel for your rocket You can accomplish this by attacking the facility yourself or by your agents mounting a successful resistance effort.

Once you have built your rocket and acquired enough Lunarium fuel you must pierce their lunar defenses and rescue Or Barnstortf and Jane. All this must be accomplished before the leutonians conquer the United States Nobody said this superhero stuff was going to be easy!

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