Rocket Ranger



(Black if low risk cover, white rf high risk cover, blinking if new information to report)

leutonian Base

Loutonian Rocket Lab

Leutonian Occupied Country

Lunarium Storage Facility


To assist you in your challenge, you are assigned five top agents. These agents can be a valuable source of information a bout the activities of the Leutonians. You control both the placement and actions of the agents. However, you cannot remain in the United States for more than one year or you will be arrested for cowardice. After all, super heroes are expected to take action!

To command your agents, position the pointer over an agent and press the A Button You will then be shown a menu like the screen at right.

The first line shows the current country. The second line indicates whether or not the agent has managed to infiltrate the country.

The third line shows the current orders being carried out by the agent. Agents can be commanded to Infiltrate or Start Resistance. A country must first be infiltrated before you can start a resistance movement In order to obtain the necessary Lunarium to power your rocket, you must steal it from the Lcutonian rocket base. This can be accomplished

either by YOU directly defeating the forces at the rocket base, or by your agents mounting a successful resistance. If you. as Rocket Ranger, defeat the forces that guard the rocket base, your rocket pack will be filled. If your agents conduct raids on the rocket base, the Lunarium they acquire will be automatically transferred back to your base in the United States.

The fourth line shows the cover status of the agent. Agents with Low Risk cover are less likely to be found by the Leu-tonians and show up as black symbols on the map However, they will take longer to carry out your orders. Agents with High Risk cover are much more likely to be discovered by the Leutonians but can carry out your orders more quickly High risk agents are shown as white symbols on the map.

The next two lines report the number of agents assigned to the current country and the number in reserves. You can change the number of agents by moving the cursor up to the AGENTS line and holding down the A Button. When you hold down the A Button, the word AGENTS will change to TRANSFER. You can then use the left and right directions on the control pad to move agents to and from reserves to assigned status. By transferring agents to reserves, you can pick them up 8nd assign them to any other country

The CHANGE ORDERS and CHANGE COVER options let you change the current orders and cover status of your agents. To change these items, move the cursor to the desired se lection and press the A Button.

The REPORT option will request a report from the agents. This option will be blinking if the agent has new information to report. In addition, the agent's symbol on the map will be blinking. This is a valuable source of information about the location of rocket labs and enemy bases

The CONTINUE option will take you back to the map To leave the War Room, move the pointer to the United States and press the A 8utton.


The fuel depot lets you transfer Lunarium between storage, your rocket pack, and the rocket ship you must build. Lunarium is necessary to power both your rocket pack and the rocket ship. You must manage your supply of Lunarium wiselyl

To transfer Lunarium, use the Up and Down directions on the control pad to move the white arrow so that it points to the two places you wish to transfer between. Next, use the Left and Right directions on the control pad to transfer the Lunarium. Press the A Button when you are done.


The Rocket Lab will show you how many pieces of the rocket you are missing and the amount of Lunarium that you need to acquire When you h8ve the necessary rocket parts and Lunarium, you can launch your rocket from the Rocket Lab.


This allows Rocket Ranger to travel from the United States to another destination. When you choose to take off, you will be shown a map like the one in the War Room. Move the pointer to your chosen destination and press the A Button; the screen at upper right will then appear.

This shows you the amount of Lunarium you need to reach your destination and the amount of Lunarium you have available in your rocket pack. Choose CANCEL to choose a different destination or ACCEPT to go to your chosen destination.

When you have arrived at a new destination outside the United States, the screen at lower right will appear. The Pick Destination option will permrt you to choose a new destination. The Send S.O.S. option will call for help from American forces. This is useful for returning to the United States even when you do not have enough Lunarium to make it back home

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