Stunt Buggies

Choose your Game

By using ultra-large memory chips we are able co bring you four full-sized games on one cartridge. The first thing you will need to do when you Power-On is select which game you want to activate.

Use the SELECT button to point the arrow on the screcn at the game you want to play. Press the START button to activate the game, then read the section in this booklet about playing the game.

During play you can use. the RESET button to start the chosen game again.

When you want to choose a new game you should Power-Off, wait a few seconds, and Power-On again.

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The name selection screen

Stunt Buggies

hings are not quite what the/ seem down at Fairview High School. Behind the door to the computer room the mild mannered head of department. Professor Helix, is secretly plotting to take over the world! Using only his PC Professor Helix logged into USAF's central computer and set in motion a program which will scramble all of America's Air Force and automatically fly it on a mission to start World War III! Professor Helix's respectable facade hides the character of a mad megalomaniac bent on destruction. Todd Freeman is the only guy who can stop the apocalypse As a student of Helix, Todd discovered the dastardly plan and tried to warn the Air Force. Unfortunately the Generals at the local base thought Todd was a crazy kid and ignored his pleas. Now Todd is about to take action himself. That night, claiming he had an assignment to finish. Todd went to the computer room and logged onto USAF central. Finding the flight training program for the F-16 Falcon Jet. he gave himself a crash course in combat flying. Satisfied that he could handle the F- '6 Todd left the school and headed for the Air Base.

He scaled the perimeter fence without attracting attention and managed to keep the guard dogs at bay with some candy he had in his pocket. Soon he was in the cockpit of the F-16 and pleased to see JJ the keys were still in the dash. He fired it up just in time as all around him other planes were auto-piloting down the runway as they took orders from professor Helix's program ..

t-16 Renegade

l*rofessor Helix hard at work, putting the final touches to hit armageddon program.

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