Move about London on foot as you did in the West. The Killers from the Cat Kingdom are on the loose, so be alert for an attack Inside, move through the dangerous Conveyer Belts and Pistons. Me-owch Th Killer Cot or foil, jo b ready. The terrible towering Giant Demon stands guard at the end of this leg of Pero's journey Avoid his huge sword.

The Ocean

Travel the vast ocean by ship and sub-marine. Beware of enemy ships, sharks, and the Giant Seaflower. Mecha-Frog await you at the end of this stage. Wotch out lor en ml i above end below ho worcr as you ______ your greol hip firvl and then your mighry Mfonorine. Mecha-Frog. the huge robot frog, is a fearsome metal giant who will spew forth many little energy-draining frogs at you. Ribblt