WVBA Rules

A match consists of three rounds, each of which is three minutes long. A boxer is knocked out KO if he does not get up within a count of 10 after being knocked down. A technical knockout TKO is scored if a boxer goes down three times in one round. The referee determines the winner according to match points if time runs out in the 3rd round. Watch out for unfair hometown decisions against Little Mac. Be sure to write down your pass key Opponents Name Pass key

Little Macs Opponents

Ranking Minor circuit, 2nd Record 1 win, 99 losses, 1 KO Place of origin Paris, France Age 38 Weight 110 lbs Ranking Minor circuit, top Record 23 wins, 13 losses, 10 KOs Place of origin Berlin, West Germany Age 42 Weight 144 lbs Ranking Major circuit, 2nd Record 18 wins, 9 losses, 18 KOs Place of origin South Pacific. Hippo Islands Age Weight King Hippo's weak point His body you can knock him out with body punches if you can make him drop his guard. Ranking Major circuit, Champion Record 34...