Pipe Dream


This official «"iil is youi assurance thai Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System.

Bullct Proof Software, Inc. 8337 154th Avenue NE Redimxid. Washington 98052

Tnvj Gve I» license«! by Wnlxröo le* Pl«r on DM




TM 4i '0 IWl) LiKMiAtt» fc'nKtlamfm-«! Company. Al: Kigtiii Reserved. I -"¿.'il untfcf iuthuri/Mi«n. 1 wiitJ m conjywlkw »iih II» Inicmaitoaal. Pipe Dreun ani LucJttfiiniGamet m Irwfcirjirl»of >JK3»Anv l:jiicrui>ui>i.a Computy. Nimcodo and N.nKiulo t-"iiHTi:.inm-iil Sy,xiTi »C Irjikv.-ufLt ol Nintendo ol America Int.

Original Game Design & 1988 nntcttanuncnt Iniemalional U.K. I.td

Original Ganw Conrepi by The Awcmbly Line

AdapKd for Bultci-Pröof Software™ ,)l>d Locasfilm'* Graes by Henk B. Rogers anJ Attila J. Rednrfr

Titk- Music compuied hy John Dole

Marketing by Lynda Baldauf. Dona den. Mary Bihr, t.y:a $v>toringen Lurham. BelSy Irion .ind Sli/cey Lamiero

Special Thanks to David Softe. Mexe} fajitnov. Bob Ruthtfford. Sioit Tstmura ane Mit helle Payne

Nintendo fintcnainmcni System» Coitversion by Distinciiv« Software Iik.

Progranimcd by F.rik T. Kisi. Amory K.C. Wong and Allan Johanson

Ailworfc by

Theresa Henry and Athenu BuxeranaUx

Game Munt Coinpu«eii hy Ktis Hallelid and Michael J. Sotyrako

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