How To Play

• Press either button A or B to strike the ball into play. The longer the button is held down, the more the spring is compressed and the stronger the strike will be.

• Operate the right flipper with either button A or B, and operate the left flipper with the Ocontrol pad.

• There are three scenes: A, B, and C. Scene A is the top half of the pinball playing field. Scene B is the lower half of the playing field. When the ball falls into the lower half of the game, scene B appears. If the ball enters hole (13) on the B screen, the C screen appears (Mario's screen).

• On the C screen, use the «^control pad to move Mario to the left and right, flip the ball or save the lady.

• The flippers disappear after 100,000 points, and reappear after 150,000 points.

• An extra ball is given after 50,000 pts.

Scene A

Pinball Parts

(2) Slot window (31 Slot target (4) Block post (51 Targets 1

(61 Lane lights (71 Hole kicker 18) Bumper 191 Striker (spring) (10) Cards 111) Lane

(12) Block post

(15) Chicks

(16) Targets 2

(18) Side lane

(20) Mario

(22) Bingo lamps

(23) Floor

Scene B

Scene Mario's Screen

Scene B

Scene Mario's Screen

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