Planning Your Game Strategy

Planning your strategy is very important to winning each game. In order to make it to the World Cup finals, you must learn different techniques and to make adjustments to your opponents game plans. To plan your game strategy, move the cursor to the option you want and select with the A Button. Once you have decided on a game plan, move the cursor to the exit box and press the A Button to begin play.

How To Play

By using the Control pad in conjunction with the A and B Buttons, you can control the offensive and defensive moves of your player and your teammates. When you have the ball, you can control your dribble by moving the Control Pad in any direction. If you want to pass the ball to a teammate, press the A Button and the computer will automatically pass the ball to your nearest teammate. If a teammate has the ball and you would like them to pass the ball to you, press the A Button. Shooting BV...

Controller Operations

Start And Select Buttons

SELECT BUTTON The SELECT Button is not used. START BUTTON Used to start the game and to pause the game during J CONTROL PAD Used to move players, control the direction of a pass or shot, and to move the cursor on any option screen. A BUTTON Use the A Button to pass the ball or to ask your teammates to pass you the ball when you are on offense. When you are on defense, you can tackle your opponent or tell your teammates to tackle by pressing the A Button. B BUTTON Use the B Button to shoot the...