The BOS« of A CI '} Dfl&erwl in the Sooth Bronx, his life takes a beg change for the worse. Presently, he controls the streets of N<s»v York with an iron fi»t the Lord of Evil An nxpert with the s<c*te and chain, he wields it on his prey. The Bonv-bcrhead is the viee-leader of "The ?<1aliC* Four*

Th« Boss of Act 3 Trained in China and master of aH forms of the martial arts. He was a leader «1 a killers organisation called the 'Five Ranges of Doom* . but was ft»p<ill<«i from the organization because he was too cruei. Just ihe type JAQUIO was looking for. Sasuque" was chosen to be 3 member of 'The Malice Foot*

"The Malice Four" are the four evil forces hand picked by JAQUIO himself. The following is a description of the four evil forces and an evil spirit that has taken the form of creature called "Kelbeross® .

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