Hordes of Enemy Characters on the Fortress Planet Zebes

Enemy characters have different personalities, but they all try to obstruct Samus' progress. You have to memorize the places each character is likely to appear and the best way to overcome them.

First, the enemy characters in Brinstar

There are 7 types of enemy characters in Brinstar. Zap them as they appear, then move on!

0 Mellow

These creatures can pass through walls. They like to chase after you in groups.


These fierce little creatures spray sticky fluid from their feet so they can move along the floor or up and down walls. There are two kinds: red zoomers and less powerful yellow zoomers.

These occasionally fly out of air holes. Remember! It takes one blast of the normal beam to destroy the yellow ones and two blasts to destroy the red ones.

These strange creatures do not have brains. They simply fly around sluggishly in straight lines.

They stick to the ceiling and lie in wait for Samus. When he approaches, they spin downwards to attack him.

These strange creatures do not have brains. They simply fly around sluggishly in straight lines.


These powerful enemies flutter around in irregular patterns. Shoot at them or they'll attack.

These are also pretty strong. They zoom down to attack Samus from the upper walls. The red ones are stronger than the yellow ones.

Mini-Boss Hideout I is hidden somewhere in Brinstar and there are 7 kinds of enemies inside it

They can pass through rocks and walls. Be careful as they fall on Samus in groups. They are the weakest enemy in the hideout, so ifs up to you to destroy them.

They come out through air holes and fly sideways. There are two types and the brown ones have twice

They use their wings like drills to descend from the ceiling and attack Samus. Be careful of rock when they are digging into the ground.

These boneless animals creep along horizontal and vertical surfaces. They normally live underground. The blue ones are the strongest

These slow creatures don't attack but fly aimlessly in straight lines. It is wiser to run away from them than to try fighting them.


Side Hopper

These powerful enemies attack Samus while hopping. Be careful, the Side Hoppers strength is second only to the Mini-Boss. Destroy him with one missile blast

This is the head of the Mini-Boss hideout He hurls horns from his stomach and back. Be very careful of his fierce attacks. If Samus gets hit by him, his energy will be, weakened a lot

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