Game Mechanics

There are a total of 10 worlds and you are allowed 3 lives per player per game. In the first 7 worlds you must find and oollect the 8 Symbols of Harmony. When the symbol counter reaches 8. you will be lifted and transported to duel with the boss in that world. You must defeat the boss and find the key which will open the door to the next world. World 8 and 9 pormit you to chaliengo the bosses directly. World 10 is where you will encounter tho Siamese Twin Shiva Statue.

Master Chu and his partner (an optional second player), the Drunkard Hu. each starts with 12 units of life force. Every time the Master is hit or comes in contact with an enemy tho life force is reduced by 2 units If the life force is fully depleted and the Master is hit again, you loose a life.

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