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These eBooks can teach you how magic is something that you can easily learn on your own, at your own home. What if you had the ability to cast powerful love spells that could cause anyone to fall in love with you, or get your ex back? What if you had the power to cast spells to cause you to win the lottery or attract all the money you could ever want? What if you could cast spells to protect yourself, become a vampire, give yourself superhuman beauty, or heal yourself or anyone you know? Crystal Whitestone is a High White Witch that has learned the most powerful magic from the best mentors all over the world. Magic is real, and anyone who does not believe believes that at their peril. This set of books can teach even those who do not believe in magic to learn to cast powerful spells. The world can be yours. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Re Magic Spells

Throughout your travels in the Land of Sindarin, various magic spells will become available to you. Some you must buy. Others can be found inside locked chests. Still others are yours for the taking. Remember, these spells don't last forever. Here is a listing of the spells you may find. Along with some hints as to how you might use them

Using the Backpack Screen

Before you fight, you'll have to select a magic power to use in your fight. This warrior is easily poisoned, so try the spell VEN on power 4. Here's a picture of the Inventory screen, where you control all which you carry, select spells, and build magic THESE ARE THE SPELLS IN YOUR SPELL BOOK - THE SPELLS ARE CONTROLLED WITH THE A BUTTON. THIS IS WHERE YOU BUILD SPELLS TO PUT IN TO YOUR SPELL BOOK. See page 18 for more on spell building you don't need to do this in the first town. TO SELECT THE SPELL VEN ON POWER 4, PRESS SELECT . TO GO TO THE INVENTORY SCREEN, PRESS SELECT AGAIN. TO GO TO THE SPELLS, PRESS UP OR DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE VEN (YOU HAVE TO BUY VEN IN THE SPELL STORE), PRESS RIGHT UNTIL YOU SEE A 4 , THEN PRESS START TO RETURN TO THE GAME. Good luck - your mission will be long and difficult, filled with epic battles and magic spells. Along the way, you will meet many friends who can teach you spells, and give you scrolls. There is only one real hope to defeat Abadon the...

The Struggle Continues

The l.ight and the Dark two forces locked in an eternal struggle for domination. The two sides are led by the spell-casting Wizard and Sorceress, and championed by armies of mythical beasts and legendary heroes possessing incredible powers. They meet on a battlefield of light and dark squares. Creatures gain strength when occupying a square of their own color and lose strength when occupying a square of the opposing force's color. This positioning is crucial when the creatures confront each other for possession of the squares.

Level Cleric Spells

Dl attempts to resurrect a deceased character. There is a chance that the spell will fail. If successful, the restored character will have but one hit point. Dl cannot resurrect a character who is in ashes, and if it fails, will turn an expired character into ashes. This spell is not as effective as the one cast by the Clerics of the Temple of Cant.

Message From The Past

Erdrick's Cave is far enough away to present a real challenge, but close enough so that you should be able to return alive. There, you'll learn about your heritage and the quest that lies ahead. On the way to the cave you will encounter Slimes, Drakees and perhaps even a Magician. The Magician may use the spell of HURT, so bring along I lerbs to restore HP lost in battle.

Level Mace Spells

MAKANITO asphyxiates most air-breathing monsters with less than forty hit points. This is an all or nothing spell if MAKANITO does not defeat a monster, that monster is undamaged by the spell. HADALTO is a super-cooled DALTO that causes eight to sixty-four hit points of icy damage.

The Tale of the Dragon Sword

Imagen Ashtar Gaiden

By the summer of A O. 1985 even this ancient great tale had almost been completely forgotten. However, one very evil being appeared and, with the help of his followers, began to build an Empire of Oarkness. That being was Jaquio - a member of the Oemon clan who plotted to bring the demons of Darkness back to the earth He secretly schemed to steal and bring together, for the first time in aeons, the two Statues of Light and Darkness' said to contain great magical power. This would open the passageway between the dimensions


The Imprison spell enables the spell-caster to temporarily freeze an opposing creature, preventing it from leaving its square. It can, however, continue to fight off attackers. It remains imprisoned until the color of the Lumina squares matches the color of the imprisoned creature. For example, if a Light creature is imprisoned, it won't be released until the Lumina cycle teaches its lightest phase. When the screen prompts you, move the frame to the opposing creature you want to imprison, and press the A button. If it isn't a strategic time for you to cast this spell because the creature's time of imprisonment will be very short, the prompt will tell you it's a waste of a spell, and you'll be told to choose another. If you change your mind, you can cancel this spell by pressing the 1 button before you select a creature to imprison. Once you select the creature, the spell is cast.


Use this command when you want to use magic When Who appears on the screen, choose the character you want to cast the spell with Sutton + and execute with Button A. You have two different kinds of spells the mag c power Intelligence system and the Wi Power (by Wisdom) system If the character you choose can use both systems, select either one of the power systems. When the power system of your choice appears on the screen choose it with Button and select with Button A (See page 28 for more details)

Asp Tongue Spell If

You're hungry, cast this spell at an Inn. Surprise If you obtain one of these spells, your weapon automatically undergoes a magical transformation, giving you the power to take on the Elemental. These spells do not appear in your spells list, and are only used in the level they are obtained in. Below are the spells and the Element is they work against In addition to the Magic Spells, you'll find other items to assist you along the way. You may find them in chests, or you may purchase them at inns and taverns. Some are magic. Some powerful. Others worth their weight in gold. Here is what you'll find

Cursed Items

A strong arm and quick thinking alone are not enough to achieve your goal of freeing Alefgard. Since the beginning of time, Magic has been a force in this land, shaping its history and the beings who dwell here. As you gain experience and reach particular levels of achievement, you will learn new spells that will help you succeed in your perilous quest.

Summon Elemental

The Summon Elemental spell enables the spell-caster to call into battle one of the four elements, each with its own battle characteristics earth, air, fire or water. Once the fight is over, the element vanishes, even if it wins, and the square is empty. If the element loses the contest, the victorious creature retains the square. Note You can't cancel this spell, so be sure you want to use it before you summon it.


The Revive spell enables the spoil-caster to resurrect a creature previously downed in combat. There must be a Charmed (empty) square next to the spell-caster for this spell to work. Otherwise, it can't be cast If you change your mind, you can cancel this spell by pressing the B button before you select the Charmed square. Once you select the square, the spell is cast.


Astyanax can use three different spells to aid him in his battles. Each spell uses a certain amount of spell energy and can only be used if there is enough energy left in the spell gauge. Bolt-Most powerful spell, causes extreme damage to all enemies on screen. Consumes most energy of all spells.

Great Palace

You can't enter the Great Palace without completing the other first six. It's bigger and tougher than the others, so be prepared before you attempt it You need to know all of the Spells and have your Powers pumped to the max. Many enemies inhabit the Palace. You can't fight them all. so don't waste your strength when it's not necessary. Just remember running is good. Take to your heels when you can avoid a confrontation Before you're through, you'll see Bots galore, a thundering bird, and a familiar shadow.

Revive Vs Reset

Many enemies have some weak points, either they can be put to sleep using the SLEEP spell, they are slow (so you can run from them or perhaps magic doesn't work against them, in which case you shouldn't waste MP casting spells at them. 1 he chart of enemies on the poster included with Dragon Warrior lists these important facts. Later in the game you won't have to worry about running out of Torches, because you'll have the spell of RADIANT. This spell creates a patc h of light, like a torch, so you can see in an underground labyrinth.


The Wizard and the Sorceress are the only ones with the magical power of casting spells. Use this magic carefully this power does have its limits. The Wizard and Sorceress can cast each of their spells only one time per game. No spells can be cast at a character on a power point. F.very time they cast a spell, the magicians become weaker and more vulnerable to attack. As a result, their life lines are shorter. To cast a spell, position the frame on your spell-easier and press the A button. Then press the A button again to summon the spells. At Select a Spell, press the down arrow on the arrow pad to cycle through all the spells. When you see the spell you want to conjure, press the A button to carry it out. If you decide you don't want to cast any spell, choose Cancel at the end of the spell list.

Class Change

Each character will mature into an adult state after certain conditions are met. This will enable them to purchase some magic spells, and EQUIP some weapons that they were not previously able to. After class change some characters will become magic users and will gain a Magic Level meter on the MENU screen. FOG (spell caster) . RUSE (spell caster)


Select this command and press the A Button. The list of magic spells available to the character will appear. Select which spell to cast w ith the Control Pad and press the A Button. If the character can use more magic spells than can be displayed in one window, you w ill see the * mark near the upper left corner of the window. Move to and press the A Button (picture 12). I'he next window will bo displayed. Keep repeating until you reach the window you want If the magic spell to be cast is of the attack type, specify which group of enemies to attack (picture 13).

Lets Go Shopping

When you return to town, or journey to new ones, you should go shopping. You should learn new and different magic spells, and stock up on potions and TENTs. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and armor. As you enter new areas you will encounter more and more ferocious monsters. To quickly eliminate your foes and protect yourself, you must con stantly spend your hard earned Gold.

More About Fighting

Sonic enemies have the special ability ro inflict damage on von in addition to their ordinary attack habits. Their Special Attack capabilities are listed below. The magic spell. StOpSpell. cannot block these Special Attacks. Dunng the fight, divide the task of defeating the enemies. While the Hero, the Soldier, and the Fighter are attacking the enemies, the Pilgrim should concentrate on backing them up with healing and defensive magic spells. For example, to heal the ally with low HP using Heal. I lealmore. I leatall, etc., cauSi group of enemies to flee w ith Expel, and increase allies' Agility with SpcedUp. The Wizard who can use attack spells, which work on a group of enemies or all enemies, should specialize in attacking a group of enemies. The Soldier and the Fighter, who cannot use spells, should be assigned to attack an individual enemy.

Maps Of The Dungeons

When the going gets too tough in the underground passages, use the magic Spell OUTSIDE. Immediately you will be transported into the overworld. Keep in mind that you cannot use OUTSIDE when you are in the Fight Mode of the game. REPEL does not work inside a dungeon, either. When the going gets too tough in the underground passages, use the magic Spell OUTSIDE. Immediately you will be transported into the overworld. Keep in mind that you cannot use OUTSIDE when you are in the Fight Mode of the game. REPEL does not work inside a dungeon, either.


The Teleport spell enables the spell-caster to move any of its own cr a turcs to any other square not occupied by its own side. You can use this to directly challenge an opponent for a square, or to locate your creature in an empty square. An imprisoned creature (see Imprison below) can't be teleported. If you change your mind, you can cancel this spell by pressing the B button before you select the square where you want the creature logo. Once you select the square, the spell is cast.


The Exchange spell enables the spell-caster to have any two creatures trade places. You can have two of your own creatures trade places, or have one of your creatures switch with an opposing creature, or have two opposing creatures change places. If you change your mind, you can cancel this spell by pressing the B button before you select the second creature to be exchanged. Once you select this creature, the spell is cast.

Magic Book

As you travel about Britannia, you will find characters who will give you information about various spells. Be sure to write down the ingredients they tell you. When you come to Moorglow where there is a Book Service, you may have the spell entered into your spell list. By pressing the A Button to talk to the Scribe, a list of the spells will appear. Select the spell. You will then be asked what the ingredients of the spell are. Once listed, you will be able to use the spell.


This spell will light up caves when you find yourself groping around in the dark. Brighter than a fiery torch, you'll be able to see far ahead. 26 Of the various monsters you'll come across in your travels some will attack you with spells. When that happens, chant this spell. If the spell is successful you can block the monster's spell. If by chance you lose your way deep down in some dark, gloomy labyrinth or if you find that you haven't enough strength to get back up to the world above, then this is the spell for you. It'll warp you back to the world above in no time at all.

Mode Spellbuild Mode

To build a spell, you must make up the magic name using the correct runes, and then select the BOOK icon to translate the spell-name into a name that can be recognized and recorded in your SPELLBOOK. As you build a spell, the runes and rune names will appear in the second window (SPELLBOOK). If the magic name is known, its translated name will appear in this window, and the spell will be added to your Spell Book. Otherwise the spell will be named unknown, and will not be added to your SPELLBOOK. The spell should then appear in the SPELLBOOK, translated as RAZOR. Then press SELECT until you are in the SPELLBOOK mode, and then you may change the power level as described before. You can now exit the BACKPACK and use this spell.

Agical spells

Each group of spells is divided into seven levels, each representing a higher power. A character begins learning the level one spells, and as he or she gains experience levels, new, more powerful spells are learned. Additionally, the number of times the spell can be cast, or magic points, increases (up to a maximum of nine). When selecting spell in Camp or combat, the level of the spell appears (Photo i). The level of the spell may be switched with the up down of the Control Pad. and the Mage Cleric spells by the left right of the button. When the spells are displayed, select the spell with the arrow by pressing the a button.


One example of this command is the use of a Medical Herb to restore 1 lit Points during a battle. Another example is to cast the spell effect of certain weapons atul items. For instance, TliorN Sword has an effect identical to the Firevolt spell when during a battle. Like the SPELL command, you may need to specify who these items will be used on. During a battle, you may not transfer or throw away items however, you may change the weapon you fight with.

Game Description

HamakubL the great head of the samurai, has used his mystical powers to transport a fierce holographic representation of his head to the United States to liberate the zombie population from Dare Seed. The only way to break Dare Seed's powerful spell is to destroy everything in sight including buildings, mountains, oil refineries, weapons, renegade zombie soldiers, and any other creatures that are doing his euil bidding.

Player level

Every time you defeat an enemy, you will gain experience points. Af ter gaining a certain number of experience points, your player level and strength will increase. As your player level increases, so will your Hit Points and Magic Points. In addition, your rod and sword will become more powerful, and you will learn new spells. The levels, magic points and hit points of your allies increase as yours do.

Ultima Story

The Kingdom of Britannia entered into a peaceful state for another twenty years. Now. the Kingdom is about to face its third crisis. Rumours abound about a fiery island which has emerged in the southwestern seas. Little is known of the evil that dwells there. It is known only as EXODUS. Mondain and Minax have cast a spell on Exodus, this island of fire, and the little-known island has started volcanic activity.


Long, long ago the world was in a state of chaos, where demons caused evil & tormented all. That changed when Solomon, a great king & magician, invented a magical formula which he wrote inside a secret book called Solomon's Key . This book arrested and sealed away all evil demons into a constellation sign which was hidden. Solomon's Key restored light and peace to the world. Upon hearing this legend, a taoist monk searched for a long period of time to find Solomon's Key . After locating the constellation sign, he discovers the Key . Once in his grasp many dreadful demons were freed from the magical power of this book. The world was brought back to chaos and darkness. Everything on earth was now under control by the demons just like the pre-creation days. King Yutra from the fairyland called Lyrac , ordered the wizard, Dana to restore order back to the world.

Using Magic

Keep in mind that you have limited power for performing magic. Whenever you use a magical power, you decrease the amount of energy that you have to perform magic, as indicated by the number of blue bars on the status indicator in the upper left-hand portion of the screen. When you have no blue bars left on the status indicator, you cannot use any more magic.

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