Erasing an ok Link character

If you decide you want to start your game from scratch with a new Link character, you can erase all the data for an old Link using the ELIMINATION MODE. Line up the heart with the ELIMINATION MODE and press the START button.

Move .the heart to the Link you want to erase and press the START button. This will erase the name. Move the heart to ELIMINATION END and press START again. This permanently erases all data for the Link selected. Use this mode carefully! To create a new Link character, just enter your name like you did at the beginning.

Elimination Display

Starting the game

Now that you have created a Link character, you are ready to start Link's adventure. Using the SELECT button, move the heart to the Link you wish and press the

Ployer'i name —


Number of Oamoi play ad Lil* powe.i l#*»ci '


START button.











turn rumrR orr.

The game is over when Link's life power level is zero. At this time, you have three options: CONTINUE, SAVE and RETRY. Choose one by using the SELECT button and then pressing START.

CONTINUI (Carry on with the Same Game) This will start a new game where the last one left off. Link will keep all his possessions from the last game and will start with three life power hearts.

SAVF (Store the Game Information for later play)

This will store all Link's possessions in your Game Pak's memory so you can carry on with the same game at some time in the future.

RE FRY!Erase the Current Game Information)

This will return you to the starting menu display without saving any information from the last game. That data will be permanently lost! Use this option carefully. Begin a new game by selecting a Link character in the usual manner.

If your game ends while you are in a labyrinth, and you select CONTINUE, your game continues from the entrance to that labyrinth. If your game ends outside a labyrinth and you continue, you start from the very beginning.

Oo not pros* tha POWER or RESET switches from the tirrw that you have saved the same up to when the select display appears. If you do this, you may lose tho data you want to save.

If you are savi-vg your game information fc< later piay. you must hold in the reset button on the Control Deck while turning off the power Failure to do so may result in the loss ol your stored game information.

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