Hyrule Dungeons

Link must explore nine dungeons on his quest. Their entrances are located in the Overworld, as indicated in the table on pages 52-53. Each Level is named for its shape. The rooms of Level 1, for example, are laid out in the shape of an Eagle. Walls you'll have to blast with bombs Arrows that show which way you can go

Hyrule Overworld

Nes Legend Zelda World Map

There are many items hidden in the Over-world that will aid Link as he searches out the evil Ganon. Use the map to find treasures, magic, weapons, and entrances to other levels. Explore each area thoroughly as you gain experience and strength. Level 1 H-4 Level 2 M-4 Level 3 E-8 Level 4 F-5

Level Demon

Zelda Candle

Before entering, have Enemy Bait and at least 100 Rupees. You must beat all of the Wallmasters in the tip of the nose room before discovering a secret stairway. but a clock freezes Wallmasters in the walls. If a clock appears, leave it To reach the hidden staircase that connects the two A's, go through the room with the Red Candle. This room does not appear on your map. but H's there. Bomb into it to get the candle.

Second quest hyrule Overworld

The Overworld map to the Second Quest may look like the First Quest map. but the similarities end there. Don't expect to find items hidden in the same places, and don't look for entrances to the levels where they were before, either. In the Second Quest, many walls are just illusions. Try walking through them everywhere. You'll find that the Whistle is more useful than ever. by using Bombs by using Condles ty pushing Rocks by pushing Tombstones by blowing Whistles