Using The Control Unit

Control Pad-v

Moves the cursor \ Steers your racetruck


Chooses the option indicated by the cursor


SflfCT STMT ] g ^



-— /

Pauses the action

B Button

Injects nitro fuel for extra speed

A Button

Accelerates your racetruck

When your car is stopped, press the A BUTTON. This is your accelerator. It will accelerate your racetruck to its top speed and keep it there until you release the A BUTTON.

Every time you press the B BUTTON, one nitro unit is used. But don't forget to continue to press the accelerator (the A BUTTON) while using a nitro boost.

4 NOTÉ' 1q rcsUft I he ijirr*, press RESET Oft the NinlMO coniTCl urtt

Current Lap — Player 2

Fuel Remaining — Player 2

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