Playing To

Here are some strategies to increase your winning percentage and help put you on the road to victory in the Hoops tournament.

• When choosing your team for the two-on-two tournament, it's adv'i^te -

playmaker-type player along with a taller rebounder/shotblocker player.

Use jump passes rather than regular passes to confuse the defense. Hit the 'B' button to jump, then the A' key to pass to the open man.

• When blocking shots, ideally you should have your back to the basket, facing your opponent. Sometimes a taller player can block a shorter player's shot from behind.

• When choosing your team for a two-on-two game, the player you choose first will be the player handling the ball each time you start out. Because of this, you want to select a quick-moving player first and a taller player second.

• Try to find each player's "sweet spot!' Each player has certain spots on the court from where they prefer to shoot.

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