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At the end of ANY two-on-two game versus the computer that your team wins, you will be given a nine letter password. The next time you play, choose the CONTINUE option. The computer will rulcs or ounei


automatically select two different opponents to challenge your team. Win several matches in a row and you will be treated to a special end sequence.


In addition to selecting a one or two player game, you must decide how many points you wish to play to. After selecting the character you will be using in the game, a screen will appear entitled RULES OF THE GAME. On this screen you will decide the number of points per game (10,15,20 or 25), whether you will be playing a LOSERS-OUT or WINNERS-OUT game, and whether you will be playing on a court in the eastern or the western part of the city. To change the current selection, press the UP arrow. Enter your choice by pressing the A key.

SHOOTING FOR POSSESSION Ok, you've chosen up sides, let's play some ball! The NEXT GAME screen shows the characters playing in the next contest. You can now "shoot for possession" or play a game of "Around the World!' By hitting the A button you will go to the court and shoot foul shots to determine who gets the ball first. Shooting foul shots is tricky, but as in real basketball, it becomes easier with practice. Wait for the dancing arrow to head over the basket. Just as the arrow reaches the top of the basket, release your shot by hitting the 'B' button.

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