Around The World

"Around the World" is a game that allows you to practice your "shooting for possession" skills. Compete against a friend or the computer. Starting in the lower right hand corner of the court, you and an opponent will take turns shooting baskets until one of you has advanced all the way around the court. Making a basket allows you to advance to the next shooting spot and to take another turn. The first person to make baskets at all eleven spots wins.

TOURNAMENT PLAY A player can compete in a two-on-two tournament either alone or with a friend. Tournaments can only be played in the two-on-two mode, either two people vs. the computer or one person vs. the computer.

To play a tournament, choose a pair of characters that you think will play well together. Once you win a game with your team, you will be given a password. After each subsequent contest that you win you will be issued a new password. Save the latest password and enter it when you wish to pick up where you left oft in the tournament. Win 15 games and you will see a special ending sequence.

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