Cash in Helpers

At the end of a Stage you may cash in any unused helpers for a cash bonus. At the end of the Stage, a window appears in the center of the play field (sec diagram below). A cursor can be moved left or right to select the head or the cash in the window to choose keeping the helper or cashing him in. A box highlights each head in the Helper Pool, one at a lime, in the reverse order they were created. If you press A while the head is selected, you keep the current helper and the next head in the I lelper Pool is highlighted. If you press A while the cash bag is selected, then tl>e highlighted head in the Helper Pool is deleted and you are awarded a bonus. After all the heads have been highlighted, the next Stage begins. Press B any time to begin the next Stage. The higher the Shop and Stage, the higher the bonus. This is a reward for avoiding overtime needed to clean up any messes in the hat stacks.

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