At the Game Menu

Select Shop

You can select Shop Levels 0 through 5, the higher the Shop Level, the more hats that start on the screen. Shop 0 is for beginners, it is recommended that you start at Shop I after becoming familiar with the game. Use the Control Pad to select the Shop Level and then press the A Button to confirm your selection.

Select Stage

You can select from among Stages 0-9. Stage 0 is the easiest and Stage 9 the hardest. Use the Control Pad to choose a Stage, then press the A Button to confirm your choice. Press the B Button to return to Shop selection.

Music On/Off

You can turn the music on or off before the game starts. Use UP/DOWN to select On or Off. then press the A Button. Pressing the B Button returns you to Stage selection.

Press START when you are ready to play.

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