How To Save The Universe

When the opening screen appears, displaying a neo-revolutionary portrait of the savage Genghis Khan, press the Start Button.

Next, press the Select Button to choose whether to guide your starfighter with Attack Control A or Attack Control B. It you select Control A. press the Control Pad in all 8 directions (in a circular motion) to command your craft. If you select Control B, only press Left and Right to rotate through the stars.

Finally, press the Start Button. Now you're moments away from an all-out confrontation with the Gyrusian forces of doom. All told, there are 39 zaptifying stages you must battle through. Unfortunately, you only have 4 ships to begin with.

Once into an orbit of cosmic combat, your mission is to free the 9 planets in our solar system—for those of you who flunked astronomy, those planets are Mercury. Venus. Earth. Mars. Jupiter. Saturn, Uranus. Neptune and Pluto. Between each planet are 3 Warp Zones loaded with alien attackers and unbndled terror. There are also Challenge Stages (for bonus points, extra ships and Ultra-lazonic booster pods) that you must blast through.

Ultimate victory will occur only after you free the solar system's life-generating Sun.

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